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Professional Wrestling interviews, recaps, and analysis at it's finest!

Since 2008, founder, DJ Rallo has had a vision that never truly came to fruition. A wrestling website that did not consist of "Newz" and spoilers galore, rather, a place where intelligent Pro Wrestling minds can come together and share opinions on the hot topics of Pro Wrestling today.

Whether it be talking about the ongoing events in, WWE to the events occurring in the Indy scene all over the world, The Sharp Shooter Press provides the best analysis possible. With it's staff of writers and the theory that the best writing is uncensored, we will let all out to provide the most well thought out writing on the internet.

Thriving on interviews, Rallo has conducted interviews with some of the most renown stars today. From the Samoan, Rikishi to the World Warrior, Low Ki to Ring of Honor's Nigel McGuinness, so many names are interviewed and there are so many to come. All over the world, from CHIKARA to ISW to ROH to WWE alumni, we cover it all and interview the best talent we can find available.

If it didn't get any better than that, analysis, recaps, previews, and reviews run amongst the site as well, further providing some of the best journalism and editorials online. We promise to never produce one article we are not fully proud of posting. Each and every post is written as if it is our last and would rather have five die hard wrestling fans opposed to millions of "newz" writers and "insiders."

Sharp Shooter Press is the new, unique, and most well thought out site out there today! Join the revolution and help bring the SSP to the top! This is truly, wrestling writing at it's finest!

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