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Are you a young and upcoming Pro Wrestler looking for exposure? Are you a seasoned veteran searching to send your message for many Pro Wrestling fans to read? Look no further, as Sharp Shooter Press does decline any interview from any Pro Wrestler, no matter what their status is at the moment.

Sharp Shooter Press is able to be contacted at . You can also find me on my personal Twitter, @Str8EdgeRallo . There you can inquire for interviews, if you'd like. You are guaranteed seven to ten questions emailed to you to answer.

That's not all you can contact us for, however. We are HIRING for wrestling writers who wish to discuss anything they'd like. To apply, you must email the address given with a paragraph application on anything wrestling related. Experience does help getting a position, but all inquiries will be considered. These positions are non paid, but grant exposure in the Internet Wrestling Community. Again, do not be shy, all emails are welcome. We even take suggestions.