Advertising is an important way for, The Sharp Shooter Press to grow and flourish as a website. This is a task that one can not do alone, therefore, we have established a way to advertise several other partners to get the word out there. We have a plethora of different advertising opportunities and they are ALL FREE. No fees, no payments, no confusion. All that we ask in return is the same amount of effort put into advertising for us. Here are the following programs we share at the moment....

Banner Exchange Program: As the name implies, all you must do is send us a banner for your website our way, we will plug it somewhere on the homepage for everyone to see, and in return, you will place our banner (with a redirecting link) on your respective website. It's that simple. On our home page, you can see the official logo for, Sharp Shooter Press (some of you may have clicked it to get here), and that will be what you post somewhere on your site. Contact us for this opportunity, show us our logo on your site, and we will return the favor. WARNING: We will ONLY take up to TEN banners on the page at once. If demand grows over time, there will be very small fees.

Affiliate Page: On our affiliate page, you can already see some of the friends of, Sharp Shooter Press. Now, you and your website can be brought to this page in which many will check and find you! In order to do this, contact us, and ask for your site to be promoted. In return, there must be some VISIBLE plug for, Sharp Shooter Press either on an affiliate page, banner plug, etc. Like the banner exchange, contact us, and once we see our plug on the site, we will throw yours on. Unlike the Banner Exchange, this will and always will be, a FREE opportunity.

Tab Widget: You see the tabs on the top of the website? Advertise, Contact, etc? Well, what if one of those tabs, redirected to your own website? In this CRITICALLY LIMITED opportunity, you can have one of those tabs be yours! As the site grows, people will come more often and click on your tab, redirecting to your website! As of now, up to THREE tabs are available for pursuers, and there is a fee of $15 (US), a month to do so. This is the only advertising opportunity at the moment, which is not FREE (that and the About/Tab). This is a very gracious opportunity to any growing website or business that needs exposure.

About Page and Tab: One could be wondering how does this site offer the Tab Widget by itself, let alone an additional incentive for an extra $10. This is what you can do. You can have your own TAB on the top of the screen, but this time, instead of simply redirecting you to your homepage, you are able to advertise your product on a page, such as this! Including your site logo, and a description of your services (1,000 word limit), and a link to your site, it is the perfect chance to get exposure? More than one link and a description over 1,000 words will cost small extra fees per month.

In-Article Mentions: Whenever your in the middle of watching television, what is the first thing you see after a few minutes in? Commercials! As pesky as they can be when you are in the middle of watching something, you are able to place your own hyperlinks, before, after, and throughout TEN, Sharp Shooter Press articles, PER MONTH. For a limited time only, this will be a free opportunity. You will have YOUR website, plug, business, etc listed before an article begins, two hyperlinks in the article, and one mention afterward, at the end of an article. If you still don't get it, check this out below!

Article Title

Mention of YOUR plug. 

Article Content........
.............(plug to your site)......
......(2nd plug to your site).......
 End of article

Mention of YOUR plug.

This is a very limited time offer. As popularity increases, you will be charged a feasible fee ($15-$25) a month, to be mentioned in up to TEN posts, by SSP. This is a very rare and exceptionable offer.

There will be many more advertising opportunities on the way! If you are interest, hit us up on the, Contact Page, right now!

US Dollars only. PayPal is also the only way of payments. Opportunities are limited, so go to the Contact Page, if interested. WWWYKI