The Underground Wrestling Project

Over the years, many wrestlers all over the globe are interviewed. In my past, the likes of Rikishi, Nigel McGuinness, Adam Cole, and many more renown international stars have been asked a plethora of questions. As fun and exciting it is to hear from those big names, you must always think of the next generation of Professional Wrestling.

As we see the end of the careers of the greats, such as, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H, and many, many more, it is time to introduce an unknown generation ready to burst into the hearts of millions of Pro Wrestling fans all over the globe. However, the problem seems to be that, many of these young names, do not get the exposure that will get them on to the same level as others who are frequently put in the spotlight.
While interviews run wild on Sharp Shooter Press, it is time for the brand new generation to be given the time to talk and the time to share their experiences with us. Thus, the Underground Wrestling Project was born. Contacting and introducing these new names on to the IWC is now easier then ever. The Sharp Shooter Press will be interviewing several "unknowns" and getting them worldwide exposure to the best of our ability. With the help of our affiliates, there is no doubt that this project can be a massive hit!

Look out, wrestling fans, the Underground Wrestling Project is going to open your eyes to young men and women who are dreaming and aspiring to one day be, world renown talent! If you are or know a young talent on the rise, go to the Contact page to request an interview!