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Interview with Michael Tarver About Cena, FCW Experiences, and More! (July 2011)

Following some recent controversy on Twitter by former WWE NXT Rookie and Nexus Member, Tyrone Evans a.k.a., Michael Tarver, / was able to send some questions his way in terms of his candid thoughts of the WWE, FCW, John Cena as well as some of his other life pursuits. I hope you enjoy this interview and I thank Mr. Evans for the time to respond to my questions.

Rallo: I’m just going to start off simple and ask of your beginnings. Who were your major influences in life? Who was the person or persons that inspired you to aspire to become a professional wrestler? Where did your wrestling pursuits begin? Where does the story and the inspiration of Tyrone Evans begin?

Evans: My major influences are my parents ,my mother was a strong minister and my father was also but he was a boxer and I watched him work himself to death almost to take care of us. He went from playing for the Denver Broncos to working in a racist country club to support his family. That mad me feel like I am strong enough to do anything and I was always a wrestling fan watching NWA and WCW . I started training in Akron Ohio at the Shamrock night club in 2004 ,and have been doing it since.

Rallo: One other thing I seem to notice about you is your strong faith. You seem to be very dedicated and influenced by your religion. Can you tell us the role of faith in your life, where it brought you, and why you feel so close to it?

Evans: Im am not religious but I believe in our lord and savior with all my heart because I was homeless sleeping in my truck and starving from being screwed by my ex wife in devorce working 3 jobs to pay child support while wrestling the whole time and GOD brought me threw near death depression and gave mea new life which began with WWE.

Rallo: Now, getting into your times when signed by the pinnacle of sports entertainment, the WWE enterprise. Upon entering, you were sent to Florida Championship Wrestling and quickly became one of the marquee names in the territory. Can you tell us of your experiences at FCW? Which people were inspirations down there to your training and improvement as a young wrestler? Again, what experiences down there really helped yourself grow as a performer and as an individual?

Evans: Thank you, I was sent to FCW and Dusty Rhodes quickly took interest in me and my promo skills and became my mentor he was the first person there to believe in me and Dr Tom Prichard was very instrumental in my in ring progress as well as Norman Smiley who taught me the british style which no one got to see towards the end because I was kept out of the ring for some reason. Joey Mercury was also very close to me and helped me alot . I learned alot from Steve Kiern he is a legend but I also had issues with him and his ways as well.

Rallo: Following your rising to stardom in FCW, you were called to be a part of WWE NXT: Season 1. After NXT, yourself and the other participants were a part of the summer’s hottest angle, the Nexus. When arriving to Raw, you wrote on Twitter you claimed you wereburied on tv treated like trash back stage to the point where a certain top Superstar takes notice of this guy building steam with his promos back stage and begins to feel threaten” I agree with the fact you were buried in Nexus and only had two, fifteen second appearances following your injury. However, could you give some experiences backstage where you felt like you were “treated like trash” and underutilized?

Tarver: In FCW there was a time when I was writing promos for most of the people there everyone came to me for help with promos to impress Dusty and it took me two years to even get a promo on FCW tv with Justin Gabriel and a title shot right before NXT 1.

I was quickly handcuffed on NXT and took it very hard to the point where I lost friends because if all these guys looked up to me at FCW now in WWE the top stars alienate me now my former friends are looking down on me ,it was hard. So when NEXUS started John Cena took us under his wing and seperated and conquered. I would interupt Vince during promo class in front of the entire roster writing staff and producers ON CAMERA mind you and cut promos Vince himself would call “classic”
But the wrote everything for Wade Barrett.

Rallo: Getting into more recent news in regards to some tweets, you also had some animosity against John Cena. You had said Cena grew fearful of you and intentionally fractured your arm on PPV. Cena has always been regarded by many as a company guy and someone who really didn’t have many backstage problems with anybody. However, it seems you disagree. You said that Cena, ‘ takes out threats to his throne back stage to the point where the even get released from their dream job.” Could you inquire more about this situation? What has John Cena said or done backstage that makes you feel as though he acts in this way?
Tarver: When a man has unlimited power and a “scewed” opinion of people who are “diferent” from him he will abuse his power. The entire program is put on his shoulders so he can make or break a young career whether your talented or not. I sang his praises even though I was warned about him ,he himself came to FCW and said “if I see an idea I like i’ll steal it because thats the business” I have no animosity for John, I’m just not afraid of him ,I knew Vince really saw alot in me because he told me himself but I’m doing this interview instead of being a world champion ,go figure.

I had Freddy Prinze Jr. aware of my promo abilities and he gave me support because he is real and not fake ,all the writters but a few also supported me .

Rallo: Some of the things on Twitter that many saw really took it as you having just sour grapes towards the WWE for your treatment. Nobody wants to lose their job, especially in this economy, but do you really fear as though you, “scared a billion dollar company” into releasing you? I certainly do not have the experiences of WWE’s backstage politics, but WWE seems known for their investment in younger talent. Do you feel as though maybe your age played a factor? Or, do you believe the only reason you lost this dream job was due to the fact WWE saw you as a threat? Could you further explain your thoughts here?

Evans: Wade Barrett is 3 years younger then me everyone in NEXUS was atleast 30 but a few and how old do you think John Cena is ,and I saw proudly YES because if you have what you yourself regard as a great potential but something goes wrong and you utilize everyone around him who are painfully odviously not as good on the mic ,then you do the math. WWE can and will make you look how ever the want ,the made it seem like I cant actually wrestle but I was told what move I could and couldnt do so I was limited to punches. I was told there were no plans for me in the near future but if the MIZ cant wrestle but is great on the mic and the push him to the top then why did I not suceed ?

Rallo: With going through all of this, do you have any other thoughts or stories on your mind you would wish to let out? Any other WWE experience that you wish to discuss? The floor is yours if you have any final thoughts or candid thoughts of WWE as a whole.

Evans: Sure I was told in FCW dont use the 1.9 punch but was told not to get rid of it ,i came up with a duel personality gimick the “angel/devil” persona I used with Justin Gabriel in FCW but I was never allowed to use it even though they loved it , why? So being a good little rookie I approached Big Show and told him out of respect I will get rid of the 1.9 out of respect for his knock out punch finish . He actually told me he liked my finisher and to keep it and he actually called over ironically enough John Cena for his opinion and John actually said the same thing they supported it . The next week on NXT my entire gimick was taken I was told im not even allowed to throw punches . That was the week I wrestled Heath Slater no gloves ,no 1.9 t shirt ,nothing.

So I came with the “RUN NXT” shirt and made myself the heel of NXT ,throwing challanges snatching the mic and forcing promos ,anything to stand out ,which was what Vince told us to do in promo class. But „„,we saw what happened.

Rallo: Moving on to maybe a lighter topic, your musical career.  You said that you have a new EP being released. What are the details on that? Where did your inspiration for music stem from? Tell us the story about that?

Evans: My EP “The ARMOR of GOD ” will be released this year and my inspiration comes my faith and experiences from where GOD has brought me, WWE wasnt the dream my music is ive been a musician since I was 16 . I currently speak at boys clubs to truobled teens and travel around the country performing and speaking at churches ,as well as missionary work.

Rallo: Well, I’d like to thank you for this interview Mr. Evans. It means much you had the time to answer my questions. To close out, any last thoughts or words to your fans? Is there anything you want the people to know?

Evans: It was my pleasure and I appretiete the support and opinions and it was an honor working with people like Bret Hart, The Undertaker ,Triple H, Edge,Chris Jericho,The Big Show, Kane ,John Cena,Kofi Kingston, MVP,Kaval,Brian Danielson, CM PUNK, John Morrison ,Mark Henry,Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko,Dustin Rhodes,Dusty Rhodes,Dr Tom,Norman Smiley,Steve Kiern ,Joey Mercury, William Regal ,Carlito and shaking hands with Vince Mcmahon. I made some friends and enemies but like I said WE SEEN YOU FEAR NOTHING YOU SCARE EVERYONE AROUND YOU. Thank You very much.

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