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NexGen Interviews: Introducing Alex Avgerinos

I'd like to welcome everyone to the inaugural edition of, "NexGen Interviews." What that is, is a project dedicated to helping out the true up and coming stars of the wrestling industry and giving them some spotlight and exposure as they grow and develop into becoming the next generation of Pro Wrestlers.

The first young man I am going to introduce to the world is one, Alex Avgerinos. A 17 year old athletic young talent who is all over North Carolina territories, "AA2" is a fan favorite amongst every territory he has been in and he did win the Krazy 8 Tournament held in North Carolina, a very prestigious honor for such a young competitor.

Today, I was able to talk to the youngster as he discussed many topics. I hope you enjoy this interview and learn something new about one of the newest young stars in Professional Wrestling today, one, Alex Avgerinos. 

Rallo: First off, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. My first question is quite simple. For those unaware, tell us a little about where Alex Avgerinos comes from. Also, where does your passion for wrestling come from. Where there any names you watched growing up that inspired you to pursue this career? When deciding to become a wrestler, who did you have as your biggest supporters and or doubters? Were there any important people in your life that helped you especially in terms of your wrestling dream? Who motivated you in and outside of the ring?

Alex: Born in New Jersey and a wrestling fan since age 5. My passion comes from just the pure love for it as a fan. The Rock, HHH, Jericho, The Hardys and more recent now Colt Cabana, Punk, and Ziggler. My Aunt supports me through and through who you may recognize as the Alex chanter over the video. Aunt, Blake Arlenge who help me with social networking (Check out his web site Manny Fernandez and Thomas Simpson. I'm very self motivated.

Rallo: Moving on to your wrestling career, can you tell us where your training started. Who had trained you to become an uprising young star? Who had helped you even get to your training facility? Who do you credit your in ring abilities to? Also, where did you initially begin your training? Any experiences in your training that you would like to share that occurred during your training that are significant to you?

Alez: At HVW's training school. No real single trainer, a lot of my talent is natural but have been majorly touched by critic by all comers which I take with open arms. Thomas Simpson has helped so much!

Rallo: Now something I'd like to discuss is your wrestling style and persona. From what I've seen, you seem to be a very charismatic individual with a technical move set with some explosive moves such as your "Parthenon Jaw Breaker," for one. You have also been known to fly around here or there. Also, you seem to be a fan favorite amongst all the crowds you work in front of. With your charismatic showmanship and your underdog character seem to work very well in your favor. Could you tell us of how you developed your move set and your character? Also, are there any inspirations besides some moves you do? Also, what are your favorite things to do in the ring?

Alex: By studying the hell out of Jericho and so many others. I watch bad wrestling, good wrestling, and great wrestling to get a full feel of it. My Parthenon Jaw Breaker is a tribute to my Greek heritage. My favorite move to do is A2 helix which is the hammerlock spinning clothesline.

Rallo: Now from what we've seen on your official You Tube account, you spend most of your time in, High Velocity Wrestling, in North Carolina. There you have had some very good matches and have had a dedicated and growing fan base. Could you tell us, how a man from, Sarasota, Florida, got to work in, North Carolina? Why did you decide to work there? Also, what do you feel makes HVW unique and a successful promotion that will only flourish in the future? Any favorite matches or experiences in this promotion that you would like to share?

Alex: Well first off im 17 which is no fault of yours and secondly I'm a Jersey baby but a Florida boy if that's makes sense. A move to NC got me here and HVW is where I trained at. HVW has one of the best setups in the entrance way,ring and fan area I've seen in my three years of wrestling. HVW will become a promotion in the mid atlantic as a must go to for a wrestler and fan in due time.

Rallo: Another moment you are known for is your victory in the AIWF Krazy 8 Tournament. One of my favorite matches I have seen from you is your match in the finals against Cedric Alexander. For those who don't know, could you inform the readers about what exactly this tournament was? How did it feel to win and what do you believe was your favorite moment of that tourney, besides winning? Also, as the victor of the tournament, do you feel as though this has been your defining moment in your young career? If not, what do you feel is the moment of your career so far that has made you a star on the Indy circuit?

Alex: The AIWF Krazy 8 tournament was a collection of lesser know indy light heavyweight talent held in NC. Well I was in a whole lot a pain for one as I wrestled twice before and then getting a brutal beating by Cedric who I hold much respect for. When I won it felt great after all that. Favorite moment was the ride home with the title on my lap. Yes I feel so, it's a memory that I won't forget.

Rallo: As a young, up and coming wrestler, what do you feel makes you unique from all the other wrestlers out there? What do you feel you bring to the table for any promotion you work for? Speaking of other promotions, do you feel as though you would like to reach out to bigger promotions such as DGUSA, CHIKARA, or any organization that would give you more exposure or do you feel comfortable just in the North Carolina area? Also, are you working in any other Indy promotions in the United States? If not, are there any places you'd like to work? Would WWE, TNA, or ROH one day be a goal?

Alex: I travel around NC,SC, and GA. Any of the bigger promotions I don't believe I'm old enough yet BUT I would love to work for all of them. The goal since I was twelve to be a WWE superstar.

Rallo: Something I feel that is unique to you is your social networking. I feel, as a wrestler who is very young into their career, it is a very good idea to branch out and make matches available as well as interacting with your fans. Even in big promotions, such as, WWE, we have seen that done. How do you feel your social networking on You Tube and on Twitter has impacted your career and will further impact your career? Do you feel, if utilized properly, that it can help make a more unknown wrestlers career? Any other videos you would like to discuss besides your wrestling match uploads? Overall thoughts?

Alex: Thank you, and yes I feel it is so important for any wrestler to have those things. I doubt you would even know who I am without my social network sites. I like to think that five years from now my new fans could look back and see how there favorite superstar started.

Rallo: I'd like to end this interview on a note asking about different aspirations. Just wondering, what's your dream match to have with any Pro Wrestler in any promotion? Also, where do you see yourself in five years or so? Any goals you have in your young career that you would one day like to achieve? Dream matches? Dream promotions to work for? On top of that, I'd love to ask your thoughts on Pro Wrestling today and it's direction. Specifically, WWE and TNA, what are your feelings on both promotions. What would you bring to major promotion, such as that? Thoughts?

Alex: My dream match is one on one with Chris Jericho. Five years from now I see me with FCW or ROH. WWE is heading in the right direction but we have to be patient, the attitude era took two years to hit it's peak. TNA....they got older guys....I like that they are using Aries who is over in TNA. TNA got's a way to go but I'm rooting for them. I would bring a great personality and a future icon to there company.

Rallo: Lastly, do you have any last words for your fans? Any matches or events coming up that you wish to inform your fans about? Also, have anything you would like to plug so your fans could keep up with you? Final words? Thoughts? Events? Etc....

Alex: I just want to say THANK YOU for BEING a Alex Avgerinos fan. Thank you for the interview and don't forget to like on facebook, subscribe on you tube and Twitter @AlexAvgerinos which is my most updated thing if your a TRUE A2 fan...Thanks guys!

Adding to the NexGen uniqueness exclusively  here on SSP, we are going to post some of Alex's best matches available for viewingHe is a very talented, 17 year old kid. Bright future, and a pleasure to talk to him. 

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