Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Experience From WWE Ringside Fest 2011

Yesterday, I went into NYC, to attend Ringside Fest 2011! Appearing for the event was CM Punk, Zack Ryder, and Daniel Bryan, signing autographs and taking pictures with the many fans. First, let me start off by saying that it was absolutely freezing yesterday!
It didn't help that we were forced to stand outside as there was "no room" inside. While things weren't set up great, the weather was tough to work off of. After waiting, the first person I met was...Zack Ryder! As I walked up, I told him how big a fan I was, owning a Zack Ryder fansite and all
( His responses were, in Ryder fashion, "awesome bro" and "sweet bro". It was pretty awesome in fact.

Ryder let me hold his Internet Championship while taking the picture, which wasn't that heavy, but heavy enough to know it was a real genuine belt! It was nice for Ryder to let all fans do that, and was in great spirits. Even Chiapetta was there with him, filming for Z! True Long Island Story! After signing my photo, I moved down the line to get Daniel Bryan's autograph.

When I did, I told him I was here meeting one of the best wrestlers in the world. He told me "thank you", and signed my photo. We took the picture, and shook hands. From what I saw, Bryan is extremely nice, and not "fake". He's just a regular guy, much like CM Punk, and is very soft-spoken. So far, despite standing outside, what a great experience meeting both Zack Ryder and Daniel Bryan.

But the main event was still to come. That was at 2:00, so a Mattel Q & A session was to be held at 12:15. Since we had an hour, my dad and I decided to get some lunch before the Q & A session. The bad part was, we had to wait on another line...outside. Once we re-entered, we went into the room.

For a little over an hour, Mattel representatives answered questions about upcoming figures, and possible new ideas that fans had in mind. This continued for an hour or so. Then the host announced that in about ten minutes, CM Punk would come out, and that he was in the building. I waited anxiously.

When the "Cult of Personality" song played, I stood up. CM Punk walked down the ramp to a roar of cheers. I wasn't shocked, as CM Punk asked for the microphone. And boy, Punk pulled no punches, as what he said leads me to believe there is a feud between himself and Chris Jericho. The man who introduced him, said CM Punk was the "Best in the World". Punk said he never said that he called himself "The best in the world at what I do", he's just the "Best in the World". He said he's not dancing with celebrities, and that he is a professional WRESTLER! The pipebomb has been dropped.

Then, he said he ran 6 miles outside, and saw us all standing in line waiting. No one noticed him, and said" that was great". You would think he would say hello! Just kidding, but that was interesting to say nonetheless. When the signing started, depressing music played, and that wasn't sitting with CM Punk. Punk demanded a music change, and nothing but the Ramones played the whole time!

My dad told Punk what a great song it was, and he said to the crowd, not knowing who it was, to stop yelling. I love it! When we finally get up to Punk, I tell him that I've been a fan since his ECW days, and that he was indeed "the best". Punk said "thank you", as my dad told him what he can do in the ring is incredible. After my photo was signed, and my picture with Punk was taken, he shook my hand and said it was nice to meet him.

And you bet it was nice to meet Punk, as he was awesome from beginning to end. He was nice and very funny. Televisions were set up on each side, showing WWE PPV's from earlier this year. Punk saw one, with him wrestling Daniel Bryan. He said "when was this?". Everyone said "Royal Rumble!". Punk had no idea, and didn't ever remember wrestling Daniel Bryan, the entrant in the ring at the time.

Punk was exciting, and gave the crowd something extra. Leaving the event, I had just met three of my favorites, especially Ryder and Punk, and all three of them were great in their own way. There was not one bad experience, except the weather, and I had a great time! I hope to see myself their next year! Overall, an A!

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