Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ROH TV Results -- 1/28/11

This week on ROH TV, recorded live from Baltimore, Maryland...

We're treated to a Final Battle video recap of Kevin Steen piledriving several people, including this Steve Corino into a pile of chairs, Jimmy Jacobs, who was refereeing the match and El Generico into the ring apron. 

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness open the show by discussing Kevin Steen, ongoing contention between Kyle O'Reilly and Eddie Edwards, and hype up the main event, Kyle O'Reilly and Davey Richards vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander.

We cut to the Embassy backstage, which has been going through some “restructuring” as of late. R.D. Evans is talking money. Tommaso Ciampa talks competition and being undefeated.


TJ Perkins vs. Tommaso Ciampa, accompanied to the ring by various members of Embassy.

For the first time ever Ciampa shakes hands, but uses it as an opportunity to attempt to knock Perkins off-balance. Perkins is too quick and counters with a few lightning-fast kicks. Ciampa attempts to regain the upper hand by throwing Perkins against the ropes; instead Perkins bounces off and hits Ciampa with a flying cross-body and a barrage of hits to the face. Ciampa struggles to get up and away but Perkins follows him right into the turnbuckle. By which I mean Ciampa throws him into it, but Perkins doesn’t let that get him down or even slow him down, using the opportunity to get his legs up and drop Ciampa face-first into the turnbuckle. He tries to go for a running high kick but Ciampa gets out of the way and Perkins gets hung up on the rope for a moment. Ciampa sees an opportunity and runs at the stuck Perkins, but he moves out of the way and is even able to counter with a kick to the face. Ciampa fakes him out and decides to take a bit of a breather on the apron. It lasts mere seconds as Perkins flies out with one amazing springboard dropkick, knocking Ciampa to the floor at ringside, much to the crowd’s enthusiasm.

He throws Ciampa back in and hangs him upside down from the turnbuckle as Prince Nana shouts at ringside. Perkins takes a moment to rile the crowd, but it also allowed Prince Nana to creep behind him and grab his ankle, giving Ciampa time to unhook himself from the turnbuckle. Ciampa comes back in a big way, knocking Perkins flat with a monstrous clothesline. He goes for two pins but only manages to get up to two both times. Clearly this angers Ciampa, and he takes this anger out by way of slamming Perkins’s face to the floor and kicking him in the ribs a few times for good measure. When this is not enough, he chokes Perkins over on the ropes. Perkins tries to come back, running the ropes to get a full head of steam, but all it gets him is a knee to the face and he slithers bonelessly to the floor. And it gets worse; Ciampa picks him up and slams him headfirst into the barrier. He throws him Perkins in the ring, but that kid is some kind of resilient and kicks out at two. 

Ciampa goes for a slightly modified approach, slamming Perkins to the mat and then turning it into a submission hold. Perkins manages to stand up and break the hold with a few solid hits to Ciampa’s midsection, but he’s kicked right back down again with a knee (or three) to the face. That’s not enough to keep Perkins down, however. He taunts Ciampa into running at him, allowing him to throw Ciampa down with a legwhip. He limps it out for a moment and tries to run Perkins into the turnbuckle, who stops him with a leg to the chest and a superkick. He leaps for a missile dropkick, and while it only glances off the shoulder, it’s enough to bring Ciampa to his knees. He struggles back up only to be hit by a series of hits and kicks to the face. He attempts to get a leg up to stop Perkins’ forward momentum, but it only turns around on him as Perkins gets him with a really nice powerbomb. It wasn’t enough to keep Ciampa down for more than a two-count, however.

Ciampa gets to his feet, wobbly as though he may be, and Perkins scoops him up, looking to hit another slam. He’s able to wiggle out of the hold and push Perkins away, into the turnbuckle. Perkins is too fast and floats over him. Perkins goes for a neckbreaker, but Ciampa just shakes him off, leaving him a dazed heap on the floor. Ciampa seizes the opportunity to hit the rarely stilled Perkins, and pulls down his kneepad, getting Perkins square in the face with a running unpadded knee. And because that’s not enough, he slams him square with a reverse backbreaker and Perkins is down for the count.

Winner and still undefeated: Tommaso Ciampa

Perkins put up a heck of a fight though, I have to say. RD Evans and Prince Nana come into the ring and celebrate while Ciampa berates the barely conscious Perkins.

The House of Truth come out to plug a two-day spring break extravaganza in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. (March 30 and 31, if you’re in the area or need a better excuse other than “It’s warm and sunny” to go to Florida)

Next we’re treated to an interesting and personal interview of Grizzly Redwood. He speaks at length about the surgeries he had when he was young and how he wasn’t supposed to live past the age of four, how he beat the heck out of those odds, and how much he loves wrestling.

Grizzly Redwood vs. Devon Storm

Before the match even gets started, Truth Martini – wearing the single silliest getup I have ever seen, I have to confess – followed by Roderick Strong and Michael Elgin and accompanied by a “Willy Wonka” chant from the crowd, hop into the ring and take the mic.

Truth gives Devon Storm two choices: Either accept $500 and let Michael Elgin take his place in the match or piss Michael Elgin off. Storm takes the money and exits the ring. Truth leaves the ring with a final parting salvo “You’re going to wish you died as a child.” Grizzly claims he’s not afraid and House of Truth minus Elgin exit the ring. Truth Martini decides to do commentary and Roderick lingers ringside.

The bell sounds and Grizzly gets on the offensive, throwing several largely ineffective elbows. Elgin counters by pushing Grizzly across the ring and then hits him with a serious shoulder tackle. He follows that up with a series of kicks and punches, basically wiping the ring with little Grizzly. Elgin goes for a slam and a cover, but Grizzly kicks out. Grizzly is able to counter a second slam into a sleeper hold, which lasts all of five seconds before he’s thrown overhead to the mat. He scrambles to the ropes and pulls them down as Elgin runs at him, causing Elgin to tumble to the floor. Grizzly attempts a suicide dive and is neatly caught by Elgin, who throws him into the barrier. 

He rolls the battered Grizzly into the ring and goes for a pin, but he is still able to kick out. Elgin pummels Grizzly down and attempts a top rope leap, but Grizzly is able to move out of the way. Grizzly surprises everyone with  a nice little hurricanrana, followed by a dropkick and a cannonball. Elgin attempts to get up but Grizzly turns the tides on him and hits him with a facebuster. He leaps off the top rope with a tornado DDT and goes for a pin, but Elgin kicks out. It seems Elgin has had quite enough of this and starts dishing out payback, chiefly in the form of throwing Grizzly into the turnbuckle and then smashing him with a spinning powerbomb, allowing him to get the pin.

Winner: Michael Elgin

House of Truth climb in the ring to gloat.

Next is a video package from Steen and Corino destroying each other from Final Battle, part of which we saw earlier. I think if you haven’t seen this match yet, you probably should. A written recap can’t do it justice. Chairs, tables, garbage cans,  blood, piledrivers, madness and destruction. All in all, your typical Kevin Steen match.

The man himself cuts a promo from behind a chainlink fence, hyping his return to ROH TV next week and his plans for 2012, which include beating the crap out of Davey Richards and stealing the title from him.

Cornette offers a rebuttal of sorts, calling Kevin Steen a sociopath, among other things. He also has a message for Steen, which we will probably hear next week. There will be mayhem. I can’t wait.

Now we head further in depth in the whole Eddie Edwards/Kyle O’Reilly disquiet. Eddie, Kyle and Davey all include their two cents. Kyle claims that Eddie went behind Davey's back to train with Dan Severn, Eddie says Kyle has a "man crush" on Davey, and Davey just shrugs and says they fight like brothers.

Main Event: Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman vs. Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly

Cedric and Davey start out the action, with Cedric getting an early upper hand (literally, sort of) with a hold on Davey’s arm. Davey works out of it and turns it around on Cedric, who is able to pull away and hit Davey with a dropkick and a clothesline. With Davey on the floor he goes for a standing moonsault, but Davey scrambles out of the way. They tag in their respective partners, Coleman and O’Reilly. Coleman brings it to O’Reilly early with a headlock and a shoulder tackle. When O’Reilly gets back to his feet the two run the ropes with some nice back and forth, which O’Reilly ends on a decisive note with a midair dropkick. He tries for a pin but only gets a count of one. 

He throws Coleman into the turnbuckle and tags Davey, who goes for another cover but Coleman kicks out again. Davey throws Coleman into O’Reilly’s boot, tagging O’Reilly in again. The two go for a tag move but Coleman comes out with a shocking double kick which knocks both men to the ground. All the way to the floor at ringside, in O’Reilly’s case. Coleman uses his new momentum to whip Davey right into the turnbuckle, and looks to go right after him, but instead moonsaults right over the ropes and onto O’Reilly. Davey, who doesn’t take this sort of thing lying down (or standing up, for that matter) takes Cedric off the apron with a kick to the face and tries to do a similar thing to Coleman, still at ringside. Coleman sweeps Davey’s feet from under him and he falls to the floor, beside his partner. Cedric flies over the rope and lands on the two men in a nice suicide dive. 

O’Reilly rolls into the ring followed by Coleman. He tags in Cedric and slams O’Reilly down, allowing Cedric to senton over the ropes onto the prone O’Reilly. Another tag and the same thing happens; Cedric slams O’Reilly and Coleman has the senton. Coleman goes for a cover but O’Reilly kicks out. He tries to get back to his corner and tag out, but Coleman is right behind and manages to keep him in the middle of the ring. The two exchange elbows for a long moment until O’Reilly flies out with a big knee, dropping Coleman flat. Davey comes in out of nowhere and O’Reilly takes the time to forearm Cedric off the apron. Just before the commercial O’Reilly tries a pin but Coleman kicks out.

There is a simultaneous replay and live action stream; during the break it looks like the Wolves (or one Wolf and one pseudo-Wolf) had most of the control, up to and including when we returned from commercial, right until Coleman threw Davey at O’Reilly, and the dropckicked O’Reilly, leading to an inadvertent DDT of Davey. 

Coleman struggles in the middle of the ring, trying to get to Cedric, but O’Reilly runs across and kicks Cedric to the floor. O’Reilly tries the kick on Coleman, but he dodges and counters with a kick of his own to O’Reilly’s midsection, leaving him on the floor and giving him just enough time to tag in Cedric, who right out of the gate is just huge. He flies off the top rope and dropkicks both Wolves. Davey ends up out of the ring, leaving O’Reilly to face the full brunt of Cedric’s rage. And Cedric’s rage includes hits, chops, knees and elbows. O’Reilly does get one kick in there, but Cedric just comes back with a bigger, flashier kick. And throws him into the corner and hits him with a flying dropick, just for good measure. And then lands a big fat facebuster. He gets O’Reilly’s shoulders down but he kicks out at two and a half. Cedric props O’Reilly up on the turnbuckle, while in the background, Davey slides into the ring and kicks the exhausted Coleman right in the face. 

With that taken care of, Davey runs behind Cedric and pulls him off the turnbuckle and away from O’Reilly, perhaps looking for a powerbomb. However, in a move that literally just made my jaw drop, Cedric pulls a reverse hurricanrana on Davey, who rolls out of the ring. Not to be outdone, Coleman hits a standard ‘rana on O’Reilly, still hanging out on the turnbuckle. Cedric flies off the turnbuckle hitting a huge Frog Splash on O’Reilly, who goes for the pin and it is only thanks to a last second flying leap from Davey Richards to break up the pin. Coleman is not happy with this turn of events and throws Davey bodily out of the ring. Coleman and Cedric double tema O’Reilly, with a combo flying dropkick on O’Reilly who still somehow manages to kick out. They try for another combo move, but Davey has recovered enough to slip back in the ring and hits Cedric in the midsection. Coleman gets Davey with a kick to the head but O’Reilly comes out of nowhere with a superkick to Coleman. Bodies all over the ring.

O’Reilly remains standing, barely, and Cedric is the first to his feet. The two exchange forearms before O’Reilly catches the leg, which allows Davey to come from behind with a solid kick. O’Reilly goes for a Regalplex, but Coleman tackles the two before the ref gets to three. Davey throws Coleman out of the ring and the two Wolves, sort of, take after Cedric, with a double slam and a huge clothesline. Somehow Cedric kicks out. Coleman tries to get back in the ring but Davey hits him with a kick so hard he nearly did a 360. O’Reilly pulls Cedric into a hold and Davey climbs on the top rope to land on him with both feet. Cedric taps out to the combination onslaught.

Winners: Davey Richards and Kyle O'Reilly

Eddie Edwards comes out clapping, though whether in earnest or sarcastically, it's hard to tell. 

Next week on ROH TV...

  • Kevin Steen's first TV appearance since his return
  • Jim Cornette has a message for Steen
  • World's Greatest Tag Team will probably complain more about losing the titles to the Briscoes at Final Battle
  • TV Championship match between current champ Jay Lethal and Mike Bennett
This week's episode of ROH tv is available to Ringside members now and to everyone else on Thursday.


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