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Interview with Former WWE Divas, Isis the Amazon (September 2010)

Rallo: First off I’d like to thank you for taking some of your time to conduct this interview. I’m very grateful for this opportunity. My first question has to be what it was like growing up to be so tall in stature and also how did you  remain in such good athletic condition? Was growing up amongst your peers difficult or was it something that never really bothered you?
Isis: I’ve played basketball since I was 13 and got into volleyball when I was 16. I also played a year of basketball in college. Genetically, I am athletic, so it’s never been truly difficult for me to perform athletically. I was 6’ by the age of 9 and yes, it was difficult to cope with until I matured. Now I love who I am..there’s only one of me in this world.
2. Rallo: My next question is how you fell into the wrestling business and why you chose to go down this line of business? Your athletic prowess and marketable size had to be an advantage to make it in the business, but what motivated you to want to be a professional wrestler? Also, who were some idols or role models for you? 

Isis: My cousin turned me on to Friday night SmackDown (when I was about 12 years old) featuring talent such as Chyna, Chris Jericho and DX. I saw how outrageous and entertaining the show was and definitely admired Chyna. When I was about 21, I sat down and thought about what I wanted to do for a career. I remembered WWF (now known as WWE) and how unique it would be for me, a 6’9” girl, to be a part of the entertainment business instead of being the ultimate cliché- basketball, quiet, etc. I think my talents and personality complement my integrity and motivation in Sports Entertainment because I love doing it; there’s never a dull moment.

3. Rallo: As your career had begun in 2008, you had some notable encounters with the likes of Tracy Taylor and even matches with male competitors. What has been your favorite match thus far in your career and who would you like to have matches with in the future?  

Isis: I want the epic matches that everyone wants-
Awesome Kong VS AloisiaBeth Phoenix VS Aloisia
My favorite match would have to be the one I had for JCW in Philly earlier this year. I wrestled three guys and the crowd ate it up.. I love the Juggalo crowd! Tracy Taylor is an awesome opponent and a great person to learn from.

4. Rallo: Following your success on the independent scene for a few years, earlier this year you had been brought in to Florida Championship Wrestling. For those who don’t know, that is the WWE’s main training grounds. Can you tell us the experience of working for FCW and tell us the difference between working over the small independents and the WWE developmental atmosphere?
Isis: I had the opportunity of learning from major talents such as Fit Finlay, Norman Smiley, Tom Prichard, Animal and Dusty Rhodes, just to name a few. You pull out of the experience what you put in and I never gave it less than 110%.
5. Rallo: After your short run in FCW, you had been called up to WWE NXT as a “Rookie” To Vickie Guerrero. Although you were removed before the show aired, how did you initially feel about not only being called to NXT, but working with WWE Divas compared to other women’s wrestlers? Divas have been known to be much more generic in this day then the past . How did you feel really standing out from the pack of cookie cutter like Divas?   
Isis: I am 6’9” and regardless of where I am, I stand out, I break the mold just by existing. In the Diva Division, you’re liable to catch a huge, monstrous wave when you throw a 6’9”, 240 lb, 23 year old girl into the mix. Its inevitable and if disruption is what you’re going for, that’s a very good way of getting it.
6. Rallo: This next question has got to be the question on many people’s minds, can you tell us what exactly happened in regards to your release from the WWE? Rumors online have swirled over and over about what had exactly gone down. From rumors of being “green” in the ring and also the rumors of some images of you online that got your fired, can you shed some light on what exactly was the reason you had been let go? 

Isis: Rumors are just that- rumors. Professionally, what was said between WWE and myself was and still is a very private conversation. However, after being pulled from TV, we came to an agreement that allowed me to exit my contract and pursue other business opportunities.

7. Rallo: Now that you are out of the WWE for the time being, what does your future hold for you? Do you have any future plans to enhance yourself as a wrestler? What’s the next step in your still young career for the time being? Anything you believe you need to work on? 

Isis: I’m all for learning as much as I can. I want to work on my fundamentals as well as my image. Before signing with WWE, I had a reality show in development that had to be set aside when I decided to sign. Now that I’m out of the contract, I’m free to pursue that project once again.

8. Rallo: Last but not least is another question on the mind of many of your fans who feel you were unjustly let go by the WWE (including myself); are you interested in a potential return to the WWE? We have seen some unjust firings earlier this year in Bryan Danielson, so do you think you will be back on WWE TV and if so when?
Isis: There is absolutely no animosity between WWE and myself. Remember that WWE is a business and as such, they make the calls and have every right to fire and hire whomever they choose. I believe anything is possible. ;-)
Well Lindsay/Aloisa, I would like to thank you for your time and I appreciate you doing this interview. I think I speak for many people when I say best of luck to you and your future endeavors and we still await a return to television. Any last comments to the fans? 

Isis: It was astonishing to see so many supporters spring up basically overnight. Thank you so much for all over your support! Much love! XoXo!
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