Friday, September 30, 2011

WWE PPV Preview: Hell in a Cell

Let me start off by stating that I have not enjoyed the WWE product in the slightest since Summerslam. It has gone from the peak of greatness in July to bottom of the barrel booking. At every chance, WWE has screwed up on each and every story and character development has never been weaker. It really has been tough to get behind and I've honestly been embarrassed to associate myself with the product.

Either way, we are being presented with one of WWE's weaker PPV concepts, Hell in a Cell, only TWO weeks after their last PPV event. If that alone kills the buyrate, on top of the lackluster product, I will not be surprised in the slightest. Hell in a Cell has been a dead gimmick for years now and it needs to go, as it is no longer really over, especially in the PG Era. Anyways, I'm not really interested in this event and I have no reason really to be anticipating it. Nonetheless, I will present my predictions that will take place at the event, this Sunday. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section.

Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (c) vs Randy Orton

The best booked monster since the late, Umaga, Mark Henry has been the best thing to happen to WWE this year, besides CM Punk's summer. Henry has finally been able to let loose and show WWE what he has, and he has been simply fantastic. If you were to tell me Mark Henry would be this good last year, I would have slapped you in the face, but I'm in shock to how amazing he has been booked. There are only two things that could kill this character and one opposes him Sunday. 1. John Cena and 2., his opponent this Sunday, Randy Orton. Both Cena and Orton are pretty notorious for ending dominant wrestlers' runs over the past few years.

Call me stupid, however, but I feel WWE will let Mark Henry show more dominance in the cell, which is a perfect opportunity to solidify himself as, unbeatable. WWE will either make a fantastic call or one of the worst in a long time. WWE can not afford to have Henry lose as he's far too good right now to strip of the championship. Henry can bring prestige to the belt as well as create a future Superstar, when someone finally steps up and beats him. Imagine what a win over Henry would do for a guy like Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, etc? This is the perfect opportunity to let someone not named Randy Orton, be the World Champion. I have faith for at least Sunday that Henry will go over and will hold the belt for at least another month. Can never be too sure with the idiots down at, WWE Creative.

Predicted Winner: Mark Henry

Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs CM Punk vs 
Alberto Del Rio

I find it unbelievable that WWE is really hyping this as a big match due to the fact it is the first Triple Threat, Hell in a Cell bout ever....Hello, we had a six man Hell in a Cell match before! Want to know another sad fact? Rikishi was even more interesting than any of these guys in this match at the moment. Even Punk has been pushed in a way that he's getting shoved down our throats. Del Rio is too inconsistently booked and Cena is the reason I hate the WWE. All you Cena defenders out there, tell me why I should care that Cena is champion? He kills credibility of anyone, is booked to be unbeatable, and is the stalest character in the company. Hope a certain Cena kiss ass from the "other website" could explain that...Idiots....I respect Cena for his passion and contributions to the business and even his in ring work...Just his character is awful.

Anyways, parting away from the comment I just made that I'll only understand, I can't look forward to this match as it is obvious that Cena will win. I have no doubt in my mind that he will because he has been booked so dominate, despite Del Rio's good showing this past Monday night. Punk has been thrown around into the match because Nash is not cleared to wrestle and Triple H won't wrestle on a monthly basis anymore. I expect a decent match, as all three men can put on an excellent match. There is no point to the Cell concept, but it will at least be a very well done main event, barring that interference is kept until at least after the match. No doubt Cena goes over here, which kills the match further, but at least it will be entertaining until then.

Predicted Winner: John Cena

Divas Championship Match: Kelly Kelly (c) vs Beth Phoenix 

Why is Kelly Kelly on another PPV? Why has she been the John Cena of the Divas Division? Alone, she has killed the credibility of the once interesting, Divas of Doom tag team tandem. On a side note, Natalya and Beth dolling up recently has been a big turn off to me than anything else....Kills the Divas of Doom concept. Either way, I've voted against Kelly twice in the past few months and feel Beth doesn't have any true momentum to make me believe she will reign victorious on Sunday. I predict a Kelly Kelly win here in a typical, Kelly Kelly match. Screaming and moves that arouse 12 year old kids.

Predicted Winner: Kelly Kelly

Sin Cara (Mystico) vs Sin Cara (Hunico)

"Aaaawwwww Mah Goodness There are TWO Sin Caras" -Booker T

Don't ask why I did that. Either way, this is really a feud that's hard to discuss since it's been more of a disappointment than nothing else. Then again, the first Sin Cara was a let down to begin with and now we have two? He can't talk or express emotion under that mask, so how can we get behind the character? Both guys didn't event talk, except this Friday night when Hunico debuted the new black mask. There hasn't been a story to tell and the crowd has had no idea who to get behind due to the fact they waited so long to distinguish which one was the real Sin Cara.....Because they are so stupid not to notice the clear difference between the two.

One thing I did catch and enjoy was when Hunico mentioned Sin Cara stole the "Mistico" identity, as that could always lead to a name change or something....Who knows? I do believe the match will be decent enough, although I question how they will perform live on PPV. Will it be a spectacle? No, but it very well could be a dark horse in the lower card and be a fun match. I feel the program will keep going afterward anyways, so that's why I'm going to say that Hunico will prevail on Sunday to keep the feud going. What else do these guys have to do?

Predicted Winner: Sin Cara (Hunico)

Sheamus vs Christian 

I said it since Christian first returned to WWE, Christian can not play a compelling heel and it would be a big mistake to turn him....I was right. WWE has really turned Christian into his prior, CLB character that is nothing but annoying to watch, and will forever damn Christian to the mid card status. I am not a fan of Sheamus' turn either, as he was one of the only non-chickens*** heels on the main roster. He gets over as a face, but this Irish folklore stuff is going to get old and fast. Put both these characters together and you get this feud.

It has really only consisted of Christian disrespecting Sheamus and then they both have run in on each others matches. Why should I really care? It will be a very good match, as both men can carry a match well, but there's not much to predict beyond that. Sheamus goes over here, further solidifying Christian as a weak heel that he should never have been booked as.

Predicted Winner: Sheamus

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