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WWE Hell in a Cell Results and Review

Welcome to live coverage for WWE Hell in a Cell, 2011. I will be providing live coverage of all the happenings of this year's, Hell in a Cell preview as it goes! The following is the advertised match card for the event....

Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (c) vs Randy Orton
Hell in a Cell Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio
Divas Championship Match: Kelly Kelly (c) vs Beth Phoenix
Sheamus vs Christian 
Sin Cara vs Sin Cara

As for how my live coverage works, you will not be getting play by play analysis, so to speak. I will address the highlights and notable parts of the match and give my opinion after each through, Rallo's Recap, which will be seen at the end of each notable event that occurs during the PPV. Be sure to come back and refresh often, for the best live coverage out there! Tell your friends!

We start off the show with Michael Cole, Booker T, and Jim Ross live for commentary. Micheal Cole is still saying Lawler will be off due to his "injury." Guess anal bleeding really does a number on you. Either way, Christian comes out, so that means...

Match #1: Sheamus vs Christian

Just kidding. We get Miz and R-Truth sitting in the stands on camera and Johnny Ace and some other suit bearers follow him and confront Miz. Both men have tickets for the front row, apparently but John has both men escorted out. Now it's time for Sheamus to come out.

Rallo's Recap: At least it's somewhat different to have this happen, opposed to nobody doing anything about Miz and Truth being right there in the front row. If you think this is the last we see of them tonight, I'd see a brain doctor. At least Jim Ross is on PPV, which may not be the best option since we'll probably see Cole heel worse than ususal.

Back to the action...

Sheamus def. Christian via pinfall after a Brogue Kick

Sheamus vs Christian was a very back and forth bout. Christian took the match early on and taunted Sheamus with some slaps to the face. Sheamus hulked up with some brutal offense and just when you thought the match was over, constant reversals in a very high paced match. Christian hit a Spear on Sheamus on the outside of the ring and Sheamus got back in at seven. Christian hits another Spear and Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus than takes offense, hits a flying shoulder block, goes for the High Cross, but Christian reverses. After, Sheamus eventually hits the Brogue Kick and gets the win.

Rallo Recap: Very, very good match between the two. Just when you thought the match was over, there was some sort of reversal. We all know that Sheamus was going to win the match, but the way he won it made Christian look like a champ. Both were very good in the ring, as usual. Good win as both men come out strong. Also, very good crowd, or at least better than expected. Booker T is once again ruining commentary with his GED English commentary.

Matt Striker interviews Mark Henry next. Before Matt asks a generic question, Mark cuts him off in a silly voice and imitates a generic dumb Striker question. Henry talks about not caring if he's in a Hell in a Cell match or not. Says Orton will join the Hall of Pain either way.

Match #2 Blue Sin Cara def Black Sin Cara via pinfall after Sunset Powerbomb

Sin Cara comes out first followed by the black Sin Cara who came out to red lights and a bad remix of an already bad song.

Both start off the match doing the same moves....Because you know, that's apparently cute. Black Sin Cara kept the pace very slow with a series of holds. Blue Sin Cara picks up the pace with a flying cross body outside the ring and an armdrag off the top rope. Goes for the senton, Black Cara dodges it, gets up, catches Cara in the middle of another move and Blue Cara hits a great looking Sunset Powerbomb, esque move for the win.

Rallo's Recap: Average match. Again, commentary was awful with all three men trying to distinguish what to call each Sin Cara and they tried to speak Spanish. I guess this means that Hunico will go under a different character now that Blue Sin Cara is now the real Sin Cara. I also apologize for forgetting the name of some of the moves, I'm totally out of it tonight. Either way, if your a wrestling fan, you know what I mean. If not, find a damn stream. Crowd really went dead as well, "Boring" chant started until about the end of the match.

David Otunga talks to CM Punk backstage. Otunga looks as lame as ever. Otunga offers to be his lawyer...or something. Punk denies, pokes fun at David's bow tie and lame sweater. Punk tells him off and Otunga leaves. Oh boy...

Rallo's Recap: David Otunga is aiming to win "Worst Dressed on a Weekly Basis" and is winning by far. Do all Harvard lawyers dress like this? Stupid segment that made little sense. Johnny Ace and David Otunga being on one side of a faction already makes me sick.

Match #3: WWE Tag Team Championships: Air Boom def Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger via pinfall

Michael Cole starts off mocking the sheer awfulness of the Air Boom nickname. I agree. Anyways, Vickie comes out to her usual heat to introduce Ziggler and her new client, Jack Swagger.

Ziggler started out but quickly tagged Swagger who showed a lot of power from the get go, crowd is more lively than they were for the Sin Cara match. Swagger and Ziggler dominate over Air Boom for the majority of the match. Vickie is on the outside. Kofi takes a heavy beating. Jim Ross brings up how winners stay on a team and losers leave, similar to the Terry Francona situation....I'm a Red Sox die hard, had to bring it up. Swagger has Kofi in the Ankle Lock. Hot for a tag to Evan Bourne, Kofi DDT's Swagger and Evan Bourne is in with some high flying offense. Ziggler is also tagged. Bourne is in control. Bourne hits a standing Shooting Star Press, but only to a two count. Swagger comes in to interfere, only to be taken out by Kingston. Ziggler takes advantage of distraction and is now in control. Pretty sure Booker called Ziggler, Ziggly. Ziggler tags Swagger and Swagger takes Bourne to the second rope for a Powerbomb, Bourne reverses with a hurricarana, and gets the pinfall on Swagger. Vickie bitches at Swagger after the match.

Rallo's Recap: Very exciting tag team match. Great tag team action, best on PPV in a good while. Kingston played the damsel in distress very well and Bourne had very exciting offense. Ziggler and Swagger are really working well as a tag team, although I rather see them feud than team up. May change my mind if they work this well together from this point on. Again, very good match and the tag champs leave looking very strong. 

The cell is being dropped.

Match #4: Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (c) def Randy Orton via pinfall

Mark Henry comes out, cool entrance with those camera angles.Orton out next to a decent pop, not the explosion I would have expected. Booker T tries to sell that this match may not be about the title....Idiot.

Orton takes the advantage right from the start and knocks Henry out of the ring. Henry counters and knocks Orton into the cell. Orton knocks Henry right back down. Back in the ring, Orton is stomping on Henry. Orton goes for his mid rope DDT, but Henry counters and throws Orton into the turnbuckle. Henry stretches Orton shoulder against the ring post. Orton gains control and hits some kicks, but Henry then drives Orton from the apron into the two sides of the steel cage and then to the ring post. Now in the center of the ring, Orton is back up and Henry hits a running powerslam on Orton. Orton kicks at 2 after a pinfall. Henry then hits some headbutts. Now back on the outside, both men are going back and forth in a brawl until Henry once again takes control. Orton really isn't selling injuries well.

Henry removes one of the steps and picks up Orton. Booker T thinks Henry can win this match via count out....WTF? Orton is leaned against the cage and Henry tosses the steps at the cage, but Orton dodges. Henry is looking like a beast.Orton is fighting out of desperation, but Henry flings Orton back against the cell, head first. Henry scraping Orton's face against the cell, totally being dominated. They do get back in the ring, and Orton tries once more for offense, and Henry counters with a slam. Gets a 2 at a pinfall attempt. Henry drives Orton's spine into his knee and then does it another time. Henry now goes for the bear hug and gets Orton into the submission. Orton tries to break it, but Mark rams him into the turnbuckle.

Back into the bear hug, Henry is in total domination mode. Both on their knees, still in the bear hug. Orton breaks out of it, and Henry throws him outside of the ring. Henry goes for the WSS on the cell, but Orton counters, climbs the cell and stomps on Henry. Orton throws Henry into the ring post and tosses Henry into the ring. Orton takes Henry to the ground and unloads with a flurry of punches to Henry in the center of the ring. Crowd coming to life. Orton then hits his second rope DDT on Mark Henry. Orton in Viper mode, waiting to hit his RKO. Orton hits the RKO and goes for the pin. Henry kicks at 2!

Orton now getting ready to hit the Punt kick. Henry catches him and hits the WSS. Pins Orton for the 3 count to retain the World Title!

After the match., Henry re-enters the ring with a chair and goes to Orton. Puts the chair on Orton's leg and goes to the rope. Orton dodges, however, and beats down Henry with the chair, himself. Henry tries to leave, but Orton runs after him and beats him with the chair. Orton goes for one last swing, but Henry kicks Orton and runs away. 

Rallo's Recap: Awesome brawl between these two men. Henry worked his ass off and Orton took a hell of a beating. Henry being in domination mode for the majority of the match, as well as kicking out of the RKO makes Henry look indestructible. Orton didn't sell as much as  I would liked, but he still did a good job, especially with his flurry of offense here and there. Very good match, not the best, but very exceptional. As for the post match brawl, I didn't think it was necessary. Why couldn't have Orton just given Henry his moment of victory? It didn't really hurt anyone, but Henry would have looked far better walking out as champion, than running from Orton and his chair. Good HIAC, unnecessary ending.

Josh Matthews interviews Alberto Del Rio. Asks him about the triple threat match. Del Rio bitches about being stuck in the HIAC triple threat match. Claims he will be vicious and wins the WWE Championship. Says he's coming back from Hell with the title.

Cody Rhodes and his baggers come out to the ring. Rhodes does his usual paper bag shtick and talks trash. Says how the Intercontinental Championship should be put to rest. Throws the belt in a bag and is handed a new bag. He takes out the classic Intercontinental Championship and talks of all the legends that have held it. Claims to bring prestige back to the title belt. Johnny Ace interrupts and says by orders of Triple H, that Cody will defend the title against John Morrison. Enter Morrison

Rallo's Recap: Awesome to see the classic championship belt back. Cody really played up the crowd and its great to see it back. However, let's hope WWE is serious of adding legitimacy to the title. This will either be great or a disgrace to the legendary belt. WWE also seems to be pushing the heels are being punished by Triple H. Hopefully, Rhodes will retain....I mean, who the Hell is John Morrison? Shouldn't he be tending to Melina? Will only like this belt swap if they are serious...and it's not looking great right now, as this wasn't even an advertised bout. Let's hope I'm wrong. 

Match #5 Intercontinental Championship Match: Cody Rhodes (c) def John Morrison

Cole is ranting. Shocker. Morrison takes over from early on, as Cody is wrestling in a suit. Cody leaves the ring, removes his shirt. Morrison grabs Cody, throws him in the ring and takes control. Cody once again tries to flee, but takes control over Morrison. Going back and fort outside the ring as the referee counts to ten. Both men are back in the ring at 8, and Cody is in control. Rhodes puts Morrison in a submission. Crowd cheers for Morrison and Morrison escapes. Cody gets back into control and puts Morrison in the Figure Four, as the crowd chants "Woo." Booker claims Morrison will be in control, if he can remove Cody's shoe. Jesus.

Cole is totally ruining this match in heel mode. Booker is the only thing worse. Ross is the only one who wants to focus on the match up. Morrison hits some offense. Morrison hits the C4 and Cody kicks out after a pinfall attempt. Morrison goes for Starship Pain, but Cody stops him. Cody is in control for a few seconds, until Morrison hits a Pele kick. Out of nowhere, Morrison makes one mistake and Cody gets a pinfall.

Triple H is backstage with Johnny Ace. John tells Triple H there is an invasion backstage and they rush to the locker room. Triple H sees Miz and Truth were there and jumped Air Boom. They have Miz and Truth kicked and Triple H warns John that the next time this happens, he is fired.

Rallo's Recap: Was a tad bored with the Morrison/Rhodes match. Very slow paced and the crowd didn't care much. I do find Rhodes one of the small lights in the WWE, today, as he is phenomenal. As for the backstage segment, I actually liked it. I expected Miz and Truth to be around, but this is about as good as they could have done it. Good intensity, nothing special, but acceptable. 

Match #6 Divas Championship Match: Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly to win the Divas Championship

Kelly screamed a lot and did her usual acrobatic moves. Beth was down most of the match until the end. Towards the end, Beth had Kelly in a brutal submission hold as Natalya got on the mic and told Kelly to scream on the mic as she was in the submission. Kelly broke out of it, but Natalya wacked her with the microphone. Beth hit the Glam Slam and took the victory.Beth and Natalya cried in tears of joy as they celebrated their win.

Rallo's Recap: God I'd love it if they just fired Kelly Kelly. Her scream makes me want to throw someone into the deep depths of some pit....I didn't even listen to the match until I saw Natalya had the mic. I actually thought the ending was cool and made Beth and Natty look like monsters, with the "make her cry" stuff. HATED the fact Beth needed a microphone shot to beat Kelly however, which further makes Kelly the woman John Cena.  Very dominant at the end, although this happened far too late. I didn't like how both women cried at the end, as that is something only babyfaces should do. Took away some of that dominating personality, to see both women cry at the end. As for the match, it sucked.

The cell is lowered. Main event time.

Hell in a Cell Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio def John Cena (c) and CM Punk to win the WWE Championship

Ricardo out to introduce Del Rio first. CM Punk out to a monster pop. Only one to come out to a bigger pop, is John "Character Killer" Cena.

Bell rings, Booker T talking about something his momma told him. Right out the gate, Punk and Cena go after Del Rio in the corner. Kicking Del Rio into the turnbuckle, both men take turns. Punk and Cena now staring down. Cena goes for the AA early, and Punk reverses trying to hit the GTS. Cena exits the ring and attacks Del Rio. Punk jumps out and attacks. Punk and Del Rio now in the ring. "Let's go Cena (women/kids), CM Punk! (men)" chants. Booker T said, "What about Del Rio?" Funny. Cena and Punk fight on the outside. Punk goes to top steps only to be pushed into the cage by Del Rio. Del Rio and Cena fight in the ring now, as Del Rio hits a backbreaker. Pinfall at 2. Del Rio introduces a chair and puts it in the corner. Cena now up and taking shots at Punk.

 Cena knocks ADR down and goes for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle.Goes for AA, but ADR reverses it. Punk takes out both men and tries to pin both, to no avail. Punk has a pretty noticeable cut on his back from the cell. Punk now goes outside and takes out a table. Punk and Cena fight out on the ring apron. Punk hits a running knee on Cena outside. Cena tosses Punk pretty hard into the cage. Del Rio takes down Cena inside the ring with the chair. Del Rio hits a backbreaker to Cena through the standing chair. Del Rio goes for the pin, but Cena kicks. Del Rio dominating over Cena. Del Rio has Cena in Tree of Woe and kicks him. Cena reverses afterwards. Cena goes to the top rope to hit Del Rio, but Punk knocks him over.

Del Rio and Punk now going back and forth. Del Rio has Punk in a submission. Out of nowhere, Cena hits a leg drop on both men. Cena goes for a pinfall, but fails. Cena goes for AA on Del Rio, but he reverses. Punk then kicks Del Rio in the skull, out of the ring. Punk then nails Cena. All three men are down. Cena and Punk exchange punches in the middle of the ring. Fans are doing the cheer/boo thing....Punk gets Cena up for GTS, but Del Rio is back and assaults both men with a chair. Del Rio sandwiches both men, with the chair in between and jumps onto them from the second rope. Del Rio tries to pin both, but again, does nothing. Del Rio goes for Punk again, but Punk tosses Del Rio out and onto the ring steps. Cena hits an AA on Punk, but Del Rio breaks the pinfall.

Del Rio has the cross armbreaker on Cena, but Punk breaks it with a senton. Punk hits Cena with the GTS, but Del Rio breaks the count. Del Rio assaults Punk's knee on the outside. Back in the ring with Cena, Cena goes for a roll up, but Del Rio kicks out. Del Rio kicks out Cena on to the floor. Tosses Cena into the steel cage wall. Alberto is dominating this match. Punk and Del Rio now in the ring, Punk gaining momentum. Punk goes to the top rope and tributes Macho Man with an elbow drop. Gets a big pop. Cena now in and takes down Punk. Punk kicks Cena and takes him down. Punk back to the top, but Del Rio throws Punk out and into the table that Punk set up earlier. Cena and Del Rio in the ring, Cena has ADR in the STF. Ricardo Rodriguez somehow has the key to the cell and runs in with a steel pipe. Cena runs out and assaults Ricardo. While Cena is out, Del Rio locks the cage, so Cena is on the outside. Del Rio and Punk are now the only ones in the cell, as Cena is locked out.

Del Rio and Punk now in the ring, and Punk rolls Del Rio up to get a 2 and a half. Del Rio hit an enziguri, but Punk kicked out of the pinfall. Cena is just getting up. Punk hitting a series of kicks and strikes to Del Rio. Punk takes down ADR with a leg lariat. Cena is trying to get into the cell. Punk hits a bulldog on Del Rio. Cena is looking for the key Del Rio threw under the ring and Punk hits Del Rio from the top rope. Cena is being superman once again as he tries to break in through the door. Del Rio hits Punk with a steel pipe and gets back into the ring with Punk. Del Rio hits Punk again in the head with pipe and pins Punk to get the three count! New champion! Cena gets back into the cell. Two hooded figures come in and beat Cena with bats and reveal themselves to be Miz and Truth. Miz and Truth beat on referees as well.

Johnny Ace and Triple H with security run down. The cell is locked as Miz and Truth are assaulting everyone in the ring. Miz and Truth are assaulting all the officials as the locker room rushes out to try and help. Miz and Truth are mugging everyone inside. R-Truth hits a camerman. Nobody can get the lock open....Why don't they raise the cage? The door is finally open and as security run in, Miz and Truth immediately surrender. They are being handcuffed and escorted out. Triple H takes out Miz as he is being escorted out. Triple H beating the hell out of Miz and takes down Johnny Ace. Triple H is being taken out as well by the security. The PPV ends with this chaotic image.

Rallo's Recap: So why did Alberto lose the title in the first place? Either way, I loved the creativity of locking Cena out and the decision to give him back the championship. I had a feeling Cena would have single handedly broken the cell and won, so thank God that didn't happen. Very good intensity in this crazy bout. It was not match of the year, but it was a very entertaining match, done well by all the three men involved. Del Rio did certainly outshine all three men with his sheer adrenaline and intensity, as well as proving that he is a smart champion. Good enough match. 

As for the ending with Miz and R-Truth, it was something I actually really enjoyed. Say what you will about it being similar to TNA, because it was....However, WWE did it in an interesting fashion. Miz and Truth looked really cool there, assaulting all these officials as well as some of the top talent in WWE today. Their voluntary arrest also seemed very cool, as was Triple H's explosion afterward. Some may have hated the overdone ending, but I liked it because A. It happened AFTER the match, and not during, so it would have cost someone the championship and B., because it provides incentive and intrigue into watching Raw tomorrow night. WWE needed to put some fire under their dull product and they did it tonight....One problem is, not as many people will have probably seen it, as the buyrate is destined to be awful. Oh well, guess this is why I'm doing the live coverage for those who didn't order :-) 

Overall, WWE Hell in a Cell was a well wrestled PPV event. Lack of hype and an on and off crowd did hurt the event, but there was not a bad match on the card. The Divas match was bad, but I just count that as a bathroom break for 90% of the audience. A good event, with a fun ending that should make for an interesting Raw tomorrow night. 

Final Grade: B

Refresh for updates as the event progresses! 

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