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WWE PPV Preview: Vengeance

Another PPV is on the way and I can honestly say once again, I don't care. Hell in a Cell, Bound for Glory, and Night of Champions have all been underwhelming pay per views and that is no ones fault but WWE's and TNA's. WWE especially has been awful as of late, with a lack of producing stars and a lack for clustering so many shows together. It's hard to believe WWE didn't learn how to book a PPV after Money in the Bank's phenomenal increase in buys this past year.

Anyways, Vengeance is being revived in WWE for no reason whatsoever....Oh well, it's better than Bragging Rights. Anyways, we are given another John Cena title match and a Big Show match in the main events. That alone makes me not care for this PPV event. Nonetheless, I will preview it and try my best to provide some insight into such a lacking and uninteresting pay per view.

WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs John Cena 
 John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match? This isn't even worth previewing. Sure, the match will be good, but the outcome is obvious. Del Rio has been booked to the crapper since moving to Raw and Cena is indestructible, so what does that tell you? I don't see Del Rio retaining in clean fashion and can't think of any way for Cena to lose the match, so Cena wins here for his 1,000th horrible reign as champion. It's honestly just too bad for me to handle, I don't want either as champion! Del Rio has become a modern WWE heel and Cena is never going to lose clean on PPV.

Predicted Winner: John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Mark Henry (c) vs Big Show
 I was more excited for this match up at Money in the Bank because it was interesting. Now? Not so much. Mark Henry has been continuously squashed by Big Show and Show has been booked very poorly upon return. Big Show does not need to dominate Henry like this. He's so dominant on paper that he should never be squashing anyone before a big PPV encounter. Henry needs a win and a dominant one at that on Sunday or this big push of his is essentially over. In my eyes, Mark Henry needs to go over here and will go over here. As for match quality, I'm not looking for much above average. These two did well at Money in the Bank, but that was when the match wasn't for a world title. Now it is and it doesn't appeal to me as much as it did when it wasn't at the high standards it is now at. Henry wins here and hopefully keeps the Hall of Pain alive.

Predicted Winner: Mark Henry

Triple H & CM Punk vs Miz and R-Truth 
CM Punk and Triple H are now seemingly the best of buddies even after their heated dispute a month ago? Ok, horrible logic...then again, this whole feud has been arguably the worst booked storyline since the Invasion in 2001. Triple H has been dull, CM Punk hasn't done anything, and Miz & Truth went from badass invaders, to comedic losers. Who in their right minds would even believe Miz and Truth will beat the opposing super duo? I really don't like this and expect some big, illogical creative move to be thrown near the end of the match. Nonetheless, Triple H and CM Punk go over here, and we get some Johnny Ace action afterward. The match should be good, but the storyline is so awful I could care less.

Predicted Winners: Triple H and CM Punk

United States Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Zack Ryder 
 If any wrestler has truly stood out lately, it has been Dolph Ziggler. With all respect to Zack Ryder, Ziggler has been the in ring master, as he sells almost as well as Shawn Michaels. He takes bumps like a champ...Anyways, this match ought to be an exciting one as Zack Ryder is finally getting his first ever true opportunity to shine in the WWE. Their feud has been primarily built on Z: True Long Island Story, which has been both genius and depressing because they used Ryder's hit show to build interest, but then again, they are booking a US title match on YouTube....Hell, Mason Ryan has gotten more attention than Ryder in this feud. If you ask me, Ziggler takes the loss here and Ryder captures the title in a very competitive bout. Ryder is so over and by fan demand alone, I see him taking the gold. This was not an easy choice to make, but I believe Ryder will get the gold while he's at his hottest. I expect a very good encounter here.

Predicted Winner: Zack Ryder

WWE Tag Team Championships Match: Air Boom (c) vs Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger
You are reading this right, Ziggler is pulling double duty tonight. I have really liked the Ziggler/Swagger pairing, despite my zero interest in anything about Jack Swagger. Air Boom has also worked well as a tag team, who have gotten over very well with the crowd. I expect another very good bout here, with a lot of back and forth action. Who wins? This is one of my toughest decisions of the night, but I'll go with Swagger and Ziggler bringing in the championship gold, as I don't see WWE ever giving longer title reigns over to their champions in this modern era. Plus, Air Boom would work far better in a babyface chase then as the boring, uncharismatic champions they are. Swagger and Ziggler go over here in a very good tag team PPV match.

Predicted Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Divas Championship Match: Beth Phoenix (c) vs Eve
 It's sad that I now hate Beth Phoenix and Natalya. No, not in the way I should hate heels. They are two girled up mastadons who have been squashed by some loud, obnoxious, blonde bimbo and her dull friend. Both the faces and heels have sucked and I rather see all Divas off television at this point. Before the Diva obsessives get on my case, if you honestly enjoy this programing right now, I don't know what to say. They have never been booked well and this has been at their all time worst. I WANT to like Divas, but I can't. It's just too bad. Honestly, I don't care about this match and Beth goes over. Such a waste of time....

Predicted Winner: Beth Phoenix

Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes
 Booking 101: You build champions back up when you have them retain in high profile defenses. WHY IS THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP NOT ON THE LINE? Rhodes is on the cusp of being a main event talent and is truly one of WWE's best young guns behind Dolph Ziggler. Orton could have easily elevated both Rhodes and the title in one night by having an outstanding title match. Nevertheless, WWE wants to assure us that Orton is just so high up that he shouldn't bother competing for the belt. That's essentially what WWE is telling us here. It's sad because I've really enjoyed their feud and feel it has serious potential. Rhodes is finally mixing it up and together with Orton, they could have some very good encounters over it. I feel Rhodes needs a serious victory here and will get it over Orton. Orton only works with guys he believes in and feel he will give Cody a serious rub to get over with the crowd. I have very high expectations for this match and feel it could steal the show. I'm disgusted the title isn't on the line, but hopefully they do it at the next PPV.

Predicted Winner: Cody Rhodes

Sheamus vs Christian 
 I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hate Christian's heel character. CLB just doesn't click with me because he's an absolutely fantastic babyface, opposed to being a cowardly, comedic heel. This feud would be far better if both men were in each others' positions. Nonetheless, it hasn't been bad, just not all that interesting. Sheamus got the win last time they were on PPV and I assume Christian will get a cowardly way to go over here to continue this feud to Survivor Series. I do like their chemistry in the ring, but hope they truly shine in what could be a very good match. The storyline isn't good, but it has potential.

Predicted Winner: Christian

Overall, not a very enticing PPV event. The main events are dull, but the undercard is promising. I expect Dolph Ziggler to be star of the night, with his awesome potential. WWE needs to market this guy as a huge commodity and fast. I wish WWE would truly start to care about their storylines and pick up this horrible, uninteresting programming, but who knows? Hopefully WWE will pick things up with Survivor Series coming up next month. Either way, I don't care too much for this event, but it could be good if booked properly, even if it comes to the expense of me flopping on these predictions. Nonetheless, here's hoping for an uprising in terms of WWE's programming.  

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