Tuesday, October 18, 2011

WWE Predictability: Why I Am Bored After Every Show!

The WWE has been a roller coaster of a ride lately, from good shows, to bad shows. Great feuds were showcased, then all feuds turned bland.
This describes the WWE, after having a brilliant summer, to now a disappointment week after week. Now, I am beginning to grow bored with the current product, and for may reasons. If the WWE keeps it up, I will begin to question my devotion to something I've loved to watch for the last four years.

Lack of good heels:

What has become obvious to me, is to keep a relevant heel that can help carry a brand. Think of it this way. If RAW's top heel Miz and R-Truth, that's fine. But, who's after that? Del Rio? He can't draw heat ANYWHERE the WWE goes.

In the mid-card, Dolph Ziggler gets a loud crowd reaction...when Vickie Guerrero comes out first. Look, I am a BIG supporter of Dolph Ziggler, but Vickie shouldn't be carrying him anymore. Time to let him go on his own. I find a big flaw in the WWE, when an announcer and a manager are getting the loudest jeers in the company.

The lack of hated heels, has affected more areas than you think. Feuds have less storyline intensity, matches that are beaten to death are constantly booked, as all heels are alike.
Other than Mark Henry, which heel hasn't been booked as a coward running away from the face? This goes along with one word that has plagued the WWE fan base alike: Predictable. Cena and Jim Ross won last night, with John Cena letting Jim Ross get the submission. Predictable.

WWE Booking:

At Vengeance, it will be Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship. To be honest, I didn't even though there was going to be a rematch for the WWE Title between these two. That's how bad it's been booked.

What the WWE can't do, is fail to see that something doesn't work. Cena vs. Del Rio wasn't bad, especially the match quality, but it's been done just enough, while more will make it boring, getting back to the main point.

WWE can overbook storylines that have no potential, yet when an interesting storyline finally erupts, it is killed and put to rest. The walkout storyline, is a perfect example of this.

When the roster walked out on Triple H, leaving us all in shock, I tuned into Smackdown awaiting a follow-up. While it was pushed aside, I knew that since this happened on RAW, it will continue on RAW. It did...in a bad way.

I enjoyed the first ten minutes, only to have Vince McMahon announce John Laurinaitis as the new RAW GM. That was their idea? Now, all momentum for it was killed, and we've had two straight boring RAW's, in two weeks.

The "anti-hero" CM Punk. has turned into "Mr. Babyface", teaming with Triple H to take on the Miz and R-Truth at Vengeance. This just makes no sense, as does many things in WWE today. Punk and Triple H forget their history from WEEKS ago, and come together. I know it's babyface logic, but I want the WWE to go against the grain.

Where is the youth movement?

The main event hasn't changed much, except the emergence of CM Punk this summer. Daniel Bryan won the Money in the Bank briefacse, but where is he now? I know he is being portrayed as the underdog, but to have people most likely forget that you even possess the briefcase is alarming.

Us marks always complain that the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton are in the main event, while the kids cheer wildly seeing SuperCena and RoboOrton win...AGAIN! But, the WWE is trying to improve the youth movement, with new talent.
Zack Ryder and Cody Rhodes have gotten recent pushes, while Seth Rollins (Tyler Black in ROH) is waiting to be called up.

Still, the impact has been less than exciting.
The obvious sign that the youth movement was in full swing , was when the Nexus was started. Since then, most of their members, even Wade Barrett, have diminished into burial mode. None of them have been able to stay relevant when breaching out on their own.

The WWE needs to work on their characters, and make them into future main-eventers. All in all, I'm just tired with what WWE puts on our TV sets nowadays!

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