Friday, November 25, 2011

Future Endeavored: Ultimate Hypocrisy in Sports Entertainment Tycoon

"WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar ______ as of today ______. We wish ______ the best in all future endeavors."

In the professional wrestling industry, there have been a select two words in the above message that have been synonymous with the end of dreams. The term is, "future endeavored" and it has been proven time and time again that WWE is the most classless Professional Wrestling organization, if it so can be called, due to their incessant, nonchalant attitude toward their alumni. 

I'll be one of the first to admit that, I as well, had sentiments of humor toward the "future endeavored" tag line. What WWE fan can truly vouch that they had never before made amusement out of one of the most renowned two words in the wrestling industry? Fans can not fully be blamed for hypocrisy and their incompetence because they will never realize nor comprehend what each and every man and woman to grace the WWE's landscape is going through at the time. However, viewing these aspects and feelings of others from a wider scope, you can not only feel bad for all of these talented, aspiring athletes, but it is clear as crystal as to how hypocritical and corrupt WWE is. 

To claim WWE is this corrupt organization full of sycophantic yes men with no care or regard for a good chunk of their roster and all those who have made them profits would be a broad, general consensus of what the WWE truly is. As smarter and more intellectual wrestling fans (not a Universe), the majority of fans can see this. However, what many fail and continue to to fail to visualize is the effect that "future endeavors" have on many people.

Stepping in the shoes of a young athlete that has been fed countless promises only to be buried, humiliated, and emotionally scarred is no laughing matter, whatsoever. Vincent K. McMahon, John Laurinatis, and the fellow crusaders of hypocrisy and pandemonium have been responsible for taking the lives of innocent, virtuous men such as Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart, who granted, may not have been murdered first hand by the WWE, but there is no doubt they sold their souls, bodies, and lives for the wrestling industry. And the sad fact is that they are only two select names to one day perish and die while under employment to Vince McMahon. Of course, not each and every death will be associated with the WWE, but they have been responsible in several instances for allowing many to die when it could have easily been avoided.

In 2011, we, as wrestling fans had witnessed deaths and firings, as well as one man to truly speak against the system in their corrupt mannerisms, CM Punk. CM Punk shot out a shoot promo week in and week out in which he illustrated and exposed the WWE for what they are. Granted again, it was a televised promo that was permitted by these men in charge, but these shoot promos really hit home. Deeming WWE as this heartless, uncaring company that somehow allies itself with an anti-bullying campaign is surely something to take a gander at. Punk also even displayed the unfairness of WWE's firings when Punk defended Chris Master's dedicated to improving himself, only to later be "future endeavored" and Vladimir Kozlov, being buried out the parking lot and being "future endeavored." 

Superstars who have given up their entire lives and time with their loved ones are unceremoniously let go for no other reason or clarification than, "We got nothing for ya' kid." We must understand, this is a business and firings will occur, but the sheer hypocrisy and the politics that lead up to said firings are not and should not be tolerated in the least. WWE "higher ups" are even aware of this! Why would they allow someone to spew this trash about the corruptness of the organization if it was just an  internet rumor? There is undeniable proof from past WWE Superstars themselves.

Chris Masters, for example has been very open in terms of what occurred the day of his release, his emotions, and his reaction towards it. If you've never heard it before, check out several of his post-release interviews as he was called up at home by, "Johnny" and completely caught him off guard. His dreams were once again crushed. It is not an easy transition from being in matches with Shawn Michaels, John Cena, or Triple H to be working in high school gymnasiums. All react to it differently, but the general consensus and sentiment of truly dying on the inside is apparent. Hell, some stars are even embarrassed of how WWE treated them prior to their release and some will never live it down.

Scotty Goldman and Kizarny are two examples of this. Two young, fantastic wrestlers with unique personas were humiliated for not being cookie cutter bodybuilders. Colt Cabana and Sinn Bodhi have openly admitted it was difficult getting over their experience in WWE and how hard it was to move on, and neither will ever seemingly get redemption on a global scale. "Kizarny," was the biggest inspiration to even writing down this editorial, following the continuous embarrassment he was put through on Thanksgiving day, courtesy of the nonsensical marks at Deemed one of the biggest "Turkeys" in WWE history on the front page of their website for the world to see, WWE beat the dead horse of Kizarny and ruined the man's holidays. Bodhi was not shy in letting his feelings go and I fully recommend taking a view at his latest video upload on his thoughts on the entire situation before finishing up reading this editorial.

If you needed more evidence towards the pain people feel following their experiences in the WWE, fomer WWE Diva, Cherry Tweeted the following several weeks back after the release of the "Future Endeavored" t shirt.

“I have 2 say that t new “Future Endeavor” tshirt is pretty hurtful for me at least! A lot of dreams were crushed w that statement. Not cool”

Does anyone need any last persuasion and a final hit home? Try the suicide note of Shawn McGrath, who claimed in his epistle that, "the end of my WWE dream have also contributed" to his death in the early quarter of the year. For those unaware of Mr. McGrath, his dream was fulfilled of being a WWE Superstar, by getting a contract, but he was never given a chance to shine and was "future endeavored" before a chance that could have gotten him onto the main roster. WWE did not even pay attention to his friend, Bohdi who requested "Johnny" to take a look at counseling for released talent, who are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts, but there was no response until a year later of Shawn's suicide.

Two simple words kill the dreams of many and sometimes take lives, and WWE may offer rehabilitation to all alumni, but their ignorance displays their true lack of caring for those men and women. Some of these Superstars will always be the butt of the jokes on, commentary, and in ring segments, which will always eat away at them for years to come. WWE claims to be against bullying and encourages the masses to "Be a Star," but how can they when they, in fact are the biggest bullies of all? How can you "Be a Star." when you put a "Future Endeavored" t shirt on for sale, which only kicks at all those who were unceremoniously and heartlessly fired?

You can never expect to see WWE ever apologize or feel remorse in terms of these previous firings that have led to poverty, depression, addiction, and even death. However, those watching the product must let their voices be heard. The wrestling fans as a community must realize what exactly those two words mean to someone who has dreamed of being on the grandest stage since they were five years old. In the words of a famous rapper,

"But you'd have have to walk a thousand miles
In my shoes, just to see
What it's like, to be me
I'll be you, let's trade shoes
Just to see what it'd be like to
Feel your pain, you feel mine
Go inside each other's minds
Just to see what we find
Look at shit through each other's eyes"

The dreams of so many were abolished and to continue to poke fun at those who have lost it all as a result of WWE's  cold shoulder towards their alumni, for the most park is sickening. The only statement I seem to find true from WWE is "Johnny's" comments on his new t shirt claiming that, "It's kind of like the iconic 'Austin 3:16' shirt or the original nWo shirt in that it makes a statement,"

It sure does make a statement. It is the statement and the symbol of ultimate hypocrisy and the lack of class WWE has for each and every man and women to make them money. And to think, I haven't even touched on the treatment of Jim Ross. I could go all day but the moral of the story is this, try and be in a "future endeavored" star's shoes and realize what exactly it is they are feeling....Be a real star.

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