Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pro Wrestling End of the Year Awards Official Voting

After months of thorough investigation through the Pro Wrestling circuit in the United States this past year, the Sharp Shooter Press Awarding Committee has finally decided upon the final nominees for each of our nineteen awards to be bestowed in our inaugural edition of the Sharp Shooter Pro Wrestling Awards this year. With each year we want to be different in a certain way, but we took a more systematic approach this year.

While the final say in the votes will come down to the opinions of the committee, we today are revealing the nominees for each award, along with a special poll with each of them. We are giving the loyal readers an opportunity to voice their opinions and try and get who they feel is the right choice to win the award. Depending on the amount of voters, the polls will count as a percentile on the process to determine who will be the sole winner of each award. We encourage all to vote and spread the word! Polling will go until December 20th and the finalists will be named on December 27th for superlatives and December 30th for the ten primary awards. Those will be determined this week. Be sure to vote and, again, encourage others to share their opinions!

Best in the World: Wrestler of the Year: This award is distributed to a man that has truly revolutionized wrestling in the organization he has worked for and has made an almost global impact. This man must have had captivating encounters on the microphone and thrilling bouts inside of the ring. He has headlined events, sold seats, and has had a prestigious year full of accolades. Simply put, this is the best overall performer in the world of wrestling in 2011.

Five Star Outing: Match of the Year: Sure, any match can be well wrestled here and there, but this match is dedicated to being not only technically sound, but emotionally thrilling. This match must have left the fans at home and at the event on their seats. The men taking part of this match must have told a story and must have thrilled the crowd. Delivering a good match is simple, but providing a historic, memorable, captivating, and intoxicating match is difficult to come by, but rest assured, it will be found.  

Back in the Saddle: Comeback Wrestler of the Year: This award is given to someone who has recently fallen out of relevance or prevalence, came back big in 2011 and provided a great year. Whether it be an "indyriffic" who got his act together or a veteran finally getting his opportunity, the comeback wrestler must have had a significant impact in his organization. He must have been prominently featured and brought back into relevance in a big way. Many wrestlers are inconsistently pushed, but this award will be given to someone who has catapulted into the scene like no other.

Happily Ever After: Feel Good Moment of the Year: In the wild world of Professional Wrestling, a sport that has seen so many different types of controversies throughout the years, has without a doubt had its share of feel good moments that have served as inspirations to the masses. In or outside of the wrestling ring, this award is presented to an individual or a moment that transcended an inspirational moment for any wrestling fan or even a non-wrestling fan. Whether it be an Indy vet finally getting his world title reign or a disabled man living his dream, this award is presented to the moment in wrestling this year that touched the hearts of many.

Here Without You: Tragedy of the Year: As much as we like to discuss the good and love we all share for Professional Wrestling, there is no doubt there have been unavoidable times of sadness or disappointment amongst the Pro Wrestling community. Over the years we have seen deaths, tragedies, and other assorted disasters that have truly impacted the industry in the wrong way. This award will be given to an individual or a moment that touched our hearts in the wrong way. Some may feel as though giving an award for a tragedy is blasphemous, but we must remember the bad that has happened and keep it dear to our hearts. 

Dishonor Amongst Men: Feud of the Year: Feuds or rivalries between wrestlers is essential in order to make the viewer actually care about the match. Without rivalries, wrestling would be boring and pointless. This award is distributed to a feud that has been historic, memorable, and epic. From match quality to in ring confrontations and build up, this feud must be one of epic proportions that sold seats and brought in a vast amount of interest due to the sheer intensity of the feud. 

Also nominated: Kevin Steen vs Young Bucks, Christian vs Randy Orton, CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio

Cult of Personality: Talker of the Year: Without personality, where would the fun be in Professional Wrestling? In a company once founded on some of the most unique characters of all time, the Talker of the Year is one who compelled us on the microphone more than any other. This wrestler has proved that the microphone is more powerful than the proverbial sword. He has sold tickets with his words to perfection. 

Brand Superiority: Wrestling Promotion of the Year: It is pretty self explanatory. This award is distributed to the wrestling organization that has provided the most consistently entertaining programming in the United States. The promotion needs to have delivered by in ring consistency on top of their entertainment factor. Which show got your interest the most? Which promotion were you most inclined and excited to view and see what happened at the next taping, iPPV, or internet broadcast? Those are the questions that must be answered to declare the best organization of 2011.

Work Horse: Ring General of the Year: As important as entertainment is....we must focus on what Pro Wrestling truly is at its roots....Wrestling. This award is given to the best overall wrestler, who you feel as though never or rarely had bad matches throughout 2011. This wrestler was the go to guy to get a quality main event or television match up out of and he always delivers. Whether on the main event scene or working opening bouts in a bingo hall, this man has been the best overall wrestler of the year, with a streak of consistency throughout the year.

Climbing the Ladder: Up and Coming Youngster of the Year: Unlike the Rookie of the Year Award, for this award you must have been in your organization for 1-3 years. This is a relative newcomer, not a rookie, who has established themselves in this year far more than their previous years. Example? Kofi Kingston's rise in 2009. This is awarded to a wrestler who has really come out of the shadows of obscurity to finding their way up the card in 2011.

Wonder Women: Women's Wrestler of the Year: Like the Wrestler of the Year, this award goes to the woman that has revolutionized womens' wrestling in 2011. This woman must have had top notch matches, entertained many, and must have set a model as to the true standard of what womens' wrestling should provide in 2011.

Multi-Man Mayhem: Team of the Year: This can be awarded to a Tag Team duo OR a trio, the tag team of the year goes to a team that has been the main attraction of all tag team action in 2011. This tag team must have been very consistent in the ring and must have undoubtedly great chemistry. Three members is acceptable. The team must have been together for at least six months in order to be eligible. This team also must have had at least 3-5 high quality bouts throughout the year. Consistency is also needed. Title reigns or tournament victories are recommended.

Golden Glory: Champion of the Year: One of my favorite awards this year, the Champion of the Year will go to the strongest champion of 2011. The champion must have held the title for at LEAST three months and defended it twice. The Champion of the Year will be critiqued on quality of the title reign, the attitude of the champion, as well as the number of times of successful defenses via pinfall of submission. The champion must be a strong champion that has been highly regarded.

Flourishing Product: Television Show of the Year: Given primarily to shows with regular tapings and broadcasted to at least a local audience. The winning show must have had quality wrestling and consistent entertainment. Consistency is key for this show as well as the sheer factor of entertainment of the audiences. Crowd reactions, interest, and interaction play a big role in handing out this award.

Hidden Gem: Televised Match of the Year: Similar qualifications for the Television Show of the Year award, the televised match of the year is simply a 4-5 star quality match that could have sold for a PPV bout. The match should have been entertaining and technically sound. Essentially, you must say to yourself, "Why wasn't this on PPV," when you think of this bout. 

Only in Pro Wrestling: Gimmick of the Year: This award goes to a person(s) that had uniquely been pushing their gimmick hard this past year. It goes to someone whose character has been so interesting that it has made us want to see more from them. Whether it be the re-creation of a veteran or a new star on the scene debuting something fresh, the gimmick must have been captivating and thrilling to watch develop. There have been so many awesome and epic characters over the years and an award will be bestowed to who has had the most unique and exciting gimmick of 2011.

Selling Seats: Confrontation/Promo of the Year: We had the Talker of the Year, and now we will have the best confrontation of the year. This will be given to one or more individuals who partook in a broadcasted segment that aided in selling an event or upcoming match. This will be given to simply, who sold the best, got the most interest, and got the most attention from. This segment had sold tickets and gained interest for the promotion like non other all year long. 

More Bang for Your Buck: Pay Per View of the Year: This award goes to a(n)  (i)PPV that simply was the best overall quality of the year. It was hyped perfectly, executed perfectly, and kept you interested in the organization following the PPV end. This show must be solid from beginning to end and must have one "must see" bout. The execution and the interest of the event play a big role in deciding what show wins this award. Simply, it is the show you don't regret buying....or wouldn't have minded buying if you used an illegal stream.

Viewers Choice: Sharp Shooter Interview of the Year: Voted by the people and administered by myself, this award is given to the best interview of 2011. Which Sharp Shooter interview did you enjoy reading the most? That's what it comes down to. 

Be sure to spread the word and spread it fast! Voting lasts until the 20th of this month, so be sure to have your say in who you feel is the right choice for all of these awards. Upset a personal favorite of yours is not on the list? We apologize, but after a thorough search, we at Sharp Shooter Press felt this was the best list we could possibly create. However, feel free to share all opinions on the comments section!


Anonymous said...

Rampage pro wrestling should have been in the voting. They have had most of the Indy guys you mentioned plus promotions with dragon gate impact roh plus the Nwa world champions. Also have a local fox tv show in Macon Georgia

Sharp Shooter Press (DJ Rallo) said...

Thanks for the comment,

Unfortunately, we can't nominate every promotion with good usage of talent. All the promotions nominated were what the award committee felt was the best pure wrestling organizations of 2011. For not only just the quality of talent and matches, but for storyline progression, memorable moments, and consistency.

I am not as knowledgeable of Rampage Pro Wrestling, but I feel as though it may not compare to some of the bigger promotions who had a fantastic year. I agree it was a strong run, but it fell short in comparison to the nominees. Trust me, there's a lot of guys not on the ballot I feel as though were capable of being listed. Very difficult process to create these as efficiently as possible.

Hope you did enjoy the voting!