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The Greatest Performer in Survivor Series History: John Cena

John Cena is "Superman" as we call him. He always wins. Cena never quits. He always comes out on top. That's not true, as Cena does in fact lose...except for one PPV event. Survivor Series. So, yes, John Cena is a "superman" when it comes to wrestling at Survivor Series. Cena has been wrestling at the Survivor Series PPV since 2003.
Fast forward to 2011, as he and the Rock take on the Miz and R-Truth in Madison Square Garden. Survivor Series is a historic PPV, and the name "John Cena" may not likely be associated with it. Cena has been a sole survivor 3 times, and won/retained titles 3 times as well, for a stunning 6-0 record! That right there should prove my case, but lets take a look and breakdown each of his performances through the years.

2003: It was team Angle vs. team Lesnar, with Cena on team Angle. Cena not only rapped on Lesnar's team, but backed it up by winning the match for his team, hitting the FU on the Big Show. As the crowd stood in shock, Cena lifted Big Show off his soldiers and onto the mat. It was a great night for Cena, and a great night to kick of Cena's
 Survivor Series legacy!

2004: In a Smackdown Elimination match, Cena competed with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, and Big Show, against the team of Carlito, Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, and Luther Reigns.

In a change from last year, Cena joined up with his former enemy the Big Show, and took down his former ally, Kurt Angle. While the match was average quality, Cena is not to blame, and gets credited with the win here, finishing it off with an FU to Kurt Angle after the match!


2005: This time, it was Cena's turn to shine, as he was defending his WWE Championship against a familiar face: Kurt Angle. It was a match that went over 14 minutes, and had the electric crowd at hand, standing at the end when Cena hit the FU on Angle despite the many referees that had been knocked down.
In the final seconds, Angle waived off the referee running down the ramp, who was a Smackdown referee Charles Robinson, but he entered anyway.

After Cena gave a DDT to th third ref in the ring at the time, he was then picked up by Angle, only to counter it into an FU! As the crowd loudly chanted the count, it was chanted to three, and John Cena was still the WWE Champion!

2006: So now, they are enemies...again. After teaming against each other, then teaming with each other, this time they teamed against each other as leader of their respected teams. Team Cena had Rob Van Dam, Kane, Bobby Lashley, and Sabu, while Team Big Show had Test, MVP, Finlay, and Umaga.

What's amazing, is that in every tag team match Cena has competed in at Survivor Series so far, he's gotten the pin. This one though, was more impressive.

While he has delivered the FU to Big Show before, this time he hoisted Big Show on his soldiers for about 6 seconds until flipping him over. Ladies and gentleman, that is almost 500 pounds of dead weight!

2008: Fast forward to 2008, and the competition was taken up a notch, and seriously putting Cena's perfect record at Survivor Series in jeopardy. It would be John Cena vs. Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Once again, it was Cena's strength that won him the match, as he picked Jericho up off the ground after Cena countered the cradle pin, and lifted him up on his soldiers for the FU, taking the title from Jericho in his first match back from injury.

It was a great match, which is always evident between Chris Jericho and John Cena. This is a fact: Chris Jericho has NEVER defeated John Cena. Not ONCE. Once again, the crowd was into the whole match.
I know I am repeating myself, but I have been able to say that for every match of Cena's I have listed here.

2009: Probably, in my opinion, Cena's best win at Survivor Series. While taking down Jericho is a great feat, Cena beat Triple H...AND Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat match, where he retained the WWE Championship. This was the second time Cena won/retained a World title at the event.

What made this match even better, was that Triple H and Shawn Michaels were a team at that time (DX), going against each other for the top prize. Of course they remained a team afterwards, but the finish didn't go without controversy.

It was a great finish, where Cena took advantage of both opponents who were weak. Triple H went to hit the pedigree on Cena, but only to be put down by a Sweet Chin Music from Michaels.

Cena then picked up Michaels and hit the Attitude Adjustment (PG!) on Triple H laying on the mat, and pinned Triple H for the win. While Cena most likely wasn't the fan favorite in the match, it still shows how the WWE wanted to put him over beating two guaranteed Hall of Famers.

2010: Cena acted as a guest referee, in a match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett for the WWE Championship.

2011: What will happen? Does John Cena's chances to keep his perfect record at Survivor Series intact, increase with the Rock? Possibly. Even if Cena goes down, he has still been a top performer in the PPV's 25 year history.

People hate to admit this fact, because it's John Cena. He's not Stone Cold, the Undertaker, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, or Randy Orton. No...he's John Cena! You can put Cena in the same category with those legends, because Cena is becoming one in his own right.

There is a reason Cena always wins at Survivor Series, WWE's second longest running PPV, and that is because he is the top guy in the company. We saw him rise each year after reviewing all of his matches at the event. He started as a member of tag teams, and then became the leader of his teams.

He then beat Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship, and Triple H and Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Championship. But because Cena is kid-friendly, and isn't from the "Attitude Era", he doesn't get equal respect.

It is also why his record at Survivor Series is blown over by fans, and don't even list him in their top performers in Survivor Series history. He teams up with the Rock on November 20th at MSG. And you know I mean it when I say Cena has outperformed his partner at Survivor Series.

The most ridiculous claim I've heard, is John Cena needs the Rock at Survivor Series. Really? Because it sounds like the Rock needs John Cena to be in the main-event at Survivor Series, where John Cena will go 7-0, and "You Won't See" another loss!

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