Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zack Ryder: Should He End Z! True Long Island Story?

After observing the twitter conversation between fellow Enigmas Rize and Sid, it got me intrigued on a potential debate surrounding one of the most popular superstars in the WWE today: Zack Ryder!

Gone are the days where Z! TLIS was a show that was a desperate attempt for Zack Ryder to get noticed. It was comical, and had new people and material every week. Now, I sit here wondering if Ryder should end the ever popular webshow, Z! TLIS. What the show is mainly used for today, is to continue the storyline that Ryder is using on WWE TV.

His current bid for a United States Championship match has led to Ziggler hacking into his show, and usually talking about how Ryder has no shot in taking the title from Ziggler.
The last time I truly laughed at Z! TLIS, was when Ryder continued the "Are You Serious Bro" satellite radio. That was one of the last appearances from Scott Stanford, who has been absent from the show as of late.

You could just tell me, "just stop watching the show." That's true, but Ryder is still one of my favorite superstars. I just think he should stop the show for a little while. How can this be done? Easy. Surprised Ryder hasn't thought of this one himself yet!

As Ziggler hacked into his show this week, Ryder should have Ziggler cancel the show for the time being. Ziggler could steal Ryder's camera, break it, and erase all of Ryder's webshow episodes in the process.

This would cause Ryder to cancel his show, and come out at Survivor Series with complete anger. This would add so much to the storyline.

This week, Ryder used the same formula to continue through the show, but it did feature a new character this week: John Morrison!

I am in no way saying Z! TLIS isn't entertaining anymore. Ryder still finds a way to make over 100,000 broskis tune in each week. Yet I do believe doing a webshow every week is challenging for Ryder, and could use a break as well.

The storyline I created would be perfect for TV, and the show itself. After that, of course Ryder should return with webshow. Where would we all be without our weekly dose of Z! TLIS?

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